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D.D. (Chastity) Powers

D.D. (Chastity) Powers

D.D. (Chastity) Powers joined The Wealth Bondage Situation Room in 2003, as an Assistant Grip, after serving as Ms. Nude Miami Beach. She holds a High School Diploma, was Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, and holds the State Record for the Pompom Toss. In 2004, after heroic efforts in cleaning up a baby oil spill in the Wealth Bondage Situation Room, which had caused a near fatal Presidential slip and fall, she was promoted to On Air Talent as Co-Anchor of World News Today with L. Bovine Blitzer.

Quotation: "I would tell you what is actually going on in the world today but my reporting budget is zero, I was never trained as reporter, my eyes are blindfolded, my mouth is sealed, and my hands are tied. Besides, it is no secret that I honestly do know nothing of any importance. I was not hired to cause trouble, but to ease your troubled mind so that you will be in a better mood to buy what our owners and advertisers are selling today. So Gang! That is the news tonight. Let's go Buy Something!"