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Dr. Chadwallah

Dr. Chadwallah

One Line Bio

Adjunct in Charge of Hidden Meaning

Educated at the University of Calcutta, Dr. Chadwallah heads The Wealth Bondage Online University Department of Forensic Hermeneutics. With proven expertise in Critical Theory, Dr. Chadwallah joins WB Online after a prolonged career as an Adjunct Compositionist at 37 distinguished colleges and Universities. Applying the art of critical thinking, and bringing to bear his broad literary and philosophical background, Dr. Chadwallah provides the ordinary reader with extraordinary insights into Wealth Bondage as we know it in our every day lives as mediated for us by not only works of art, but the markets, government, and nonprofit imaginaries.


Every Text is a Network or Chain of Signifiers. Gift Tub (or Gifthub) is no exception. Written under tyranny, (c.f, Leo Strauss), Gifthub has an esoteric as well as an an exoteric meaning. That is what is meant when the author function in his header to the blog, says the "h" is silent. In that way we means to rally the small but elite group of "dumpster denizens," who can fully appreciate the revelations vouchsafed to us by his emissary, The Happy Tutor, and Tutor's protege, butt, or sidekick, Phil Cubeta, Morals Tutors to America's Wealthiest Families. Given the density of our text and the briliance and the author function, we must reconcile ourselves to this reality: Under certain historic circumstances, even the smallest textual fragment of a plainspoken text can yield clues leading to the apprehension, arrest and punishment of its perpetrator. My job is to explicate The Happy Tutor's Hidden Meanings in accordance with his Patriotic Intentions -- to delight and instruct his fellow citizens until his limbs are laid in earth, to transliterate Pindar, with an eye to Martha Nussbaum's marvelous translation in her influential book, The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy, as assigned text in my course, "GiftHub or Gift Tub?: The Pharmakon Comes Home to Roost."