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Dick Minim, Philanthropic Consultant to Grantmakers

Dick Minim, Philanthropic Consultant to Grantmakers

Dick Minim: One Line Bio

Consultant to Grantmakers.


Dick is a well-known wit about town. He has read all the latest scholarly periodicals, as well as the most interesting weblogs. An inheritor himself, Dick contents himself with his collection of first editions, and his observations on topics of interest to the discriminating few. In addition to his work as an Independent Scholar, Dick serves as a mentor to Phil Cubeta, Morals Tutor to America's Wealthiest Families, on philanthropy in turbulent times.

Dick prepped at Groton, graduated from Yale, where he won the English Prize for his Essay on Christropher Smart's cat, and has an MA from Balliol College, Oxford in Philosophy and Psychology, not that he would brag about this, like Harvard people, since that would be uncouth.

Dick served as steward of the poor in Wealth Bondage as Senator (D) from the great state of Massachusetts. He attempts to steer the ship of state between the Scylla of Democracy and the Charybdis of Autocracy.


Dick's father, was one of the East Coast Minims, a principal in the firm of Minim & Minim. His mother ("Mummy") is a Hyena, heiress of the Hyena Dog Chow Fortune. The Hyenas trace their lineage back to Governor Winthrop and the Mayflower. Mummy is active in Nantucket land conservation and is a noted collector of ancient jade. 


When I look back over my career in Wealth Bondage, I am pleased to consider that I have done no little service to my fellow man. As a Good Steward of the many gifts, both intellectual and financial, that have been entrusted to me, I do what I can to give back. It is a family tradition. We Minim's always have. Not that I expect or receive any thanks. To give is its own reward. Besides, Mummy says we must.