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Called "the laughing philosopher." Said to have created a complete philosophy based on laughter. I present this precedent with a serious face, hoping to be excused if I break out laughing. It really is in bad taste to laugh at folly. But then Democritus was the heir of a fabulously wealthy father, and probably did not have much to worry about, even if Plato called for all Democritus's book to be burnt.

Here Democritus, in the the spirit of the Cynics, like Diogenes, and later the Happy Tutor, cures the father of medicine, Hippocrates, of his seriousness. Convinced that the whole world is mad, the physician, the Father of Therapy, laughs folly to scorn, including himself in the hilarity. So the physician heals himself. Have we made any progress since then? Yes! Therapists now accept credit cards. (Democritus means "beloved by the people." The common rabble has always liked to laugh at their betters.)