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Diogenes on the Job

Diogenes on the Job

Another fine precedent, Diogenes.

Would philanthropy be more effective and efficient if fundraisers, advisors, and donors got naked? You could make a good case for that, really, maybe starting with King Lear whose estate plan only came together once he got naked on the heath with his Fool. As long as we are each of us dressed in our proper business attire, reflective of our official roles and status in life, it may be hard to get down to the real issues that connect us all as human beings. Anyway, doing  morals consulting naked sure worked for Diogenes, a beggar in his own right, as that bowl shows. The staff was for supporting his steps, and for beating those who did not get it.  The dog whether eating scraps from the dirt, licking his privates in public, or lifting his leg upon the statues of the great, was a role model. If you want to avoid masks and pretense and be authentic, here is how.