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May 19, 2005



Tom is obviously insane.

brian moffatt

Excuse me, but you Americans are beginning to sound like the English with your class divisions.

Are you serious?

Tom is bang on.

There is no we.

The 'we', it would, seem is transnational, a company of gentlemen.

Maybe this is a good thing. I'm willing to be led by the nose. Two cars and a house would do me. I am your ox. What need you hauled, plowed, or otherwise leveraged?

Phil Cubeta

The Captain gathers the sailors to make an imporatant annoucement: Starting Tuesday The World We Want will be inforce 24/7. Half rations all around. No more grog. BMO will be stripped to the waist and flogged for insubordination, and Harry will now be fed the sharks. Any comments or questions before we begin? Smile, Gentlemen, the world is now a better place. All agreed cry, "Aye, aye Captain and throw your caps in the air."

brian moffatt

Arrrrrhhh, bo'sun Phil. Stripped and flogged. Oh good. Something pleasant for a change. Give my feet and head a rest. Looking forward to it.

Phil Cubeta

As in Survivor, let us vote on who gets thrown off the island, the utopia, the world we want.


The absolute rule of the ship's Captain is not meant to be a tyranny, but for the safety and protection of all. When it goes beyond that, the Captain must be removed from power for that same reason.

Of course, the precidents don't go that way, Wealth Bondage style, the more important responsibility of the Captain is the capital investment in the ship and cargo, the sailors be damned. The handling of the Cane Mutiny a case in point (among many).

Phil Cubeta

Mirroring the Ship of State is the Ship of Fools, whose captain is a clown. In the World We Want, cry the madmen, we cut them adrift!

Tiago Lamdverb

the world is very diferent from what the avarage person thinks.
Most knowledge besides what people can see with their eyes is false.
History is a lie.


Hence Carnival in which the honest men and women adopt the mask of skull and bones.

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