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July 04, 2006



With Web 2.0 and power to Edges and bringing more people online (HCE!) in productive use of their voices we'll see quite a powerful force emerge.


Michael, particularly if we manage to get people to connect to one another from the beginning around themes like giving, or volunteering. It takes a critical mass, as you know, of 5+ people in a little blogging group, all linking to one another and commenting on each other's blog, to make a topic and conversation come alive. Blogging alone is lonley and comulsive. Ideally, the cadre, when they blog, will link to one another. Maybe form a "blogring?"


Michael, have you written a response to the original prompt questions? Does that post get a prominent sidebar link to invite others to write responces?


Yes, there it is: first item under "The World We Want" heading in the right sidebar.


Thank you Phil for linking to my post. Humbly grateful.

I should definitely add something specific about blogging--the ability for individuals online to become publishers of their own. We can connect and discuss in ways we never could before and do it cheaper and more openly than ever before.

I better update my links.


Blogs are good for "we formation." The "we" evolves from the I's" who begin to link, converse, and grow together into a little community of affinity. The real pleasure is in the interlinking of posts and comments, as here. So, thanks, Jean for contributing your fine essay to the mix.

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