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December 10, 2006


Tracy Gary (via Phil)

I (Phil) am cutting and pasting a pertinent comment from Tracy Gary who left it vis a vis this proposal at Gifthub. The words below are hers.

"Inspired Legacies and I are happy to help with your proposal for
a giving tour or we can call upon any number of great activists and donors to host in virtually any city.

Would you like to do this "travel" on line, quarterly with co-hosts and activists and donors and advisors as tourguides? Websites and proposals and budgets could be sent in advance and then some inspiring partnerships created. In the spirit of Craigslists, venture fairs, we could end each virtual tour and have one in person even annually, with a sign up of social, financial and intellectual capital offered in the form of pledge forms. Happy tutor to help the HAPPY TUTOR with all.

Why we see and are part of an amazing cascading of new million dollar donors and there is much good news and terrible need and amazing leadership and vision to share.

Count us in. With deepest appreciation for all your connecting and wise guiding of us all. Happy Giving Season all!

Tracy Gary
Philanthropic and Legacy Advisor
Inspired Legacies

I (Phil again after the Tracy quote) would only add that the givers who are envisaged here are not necessarily people of financial means. People with money are welcome, as people among other people, as citizens, really. But the idea of the tour, then, online or off, or both, is to build a sense that we are in this world together. We come in as naked babes and leave the same way too, ashes to ashes. In the midst of life, as Fortune turns her wheel, we play many roles, from Beggar to King or Queen and back. If we are to make a better world it will not be by aggregating the dollars, but by aggregating the energies and ideas of many - the power of many. If there are people among us who do have resources, financial resources, they are welcome to lead with that aspect of their situation, but they are equally welcome to come as whatever else they might be - a parent, an artist, a dreamer, a person of conscience. The thought here is actually not about fundraising but about envisioning a world we might co-create, little by little, starting with, well, love not money per se, though any resource and all resources would be needed to advance the vision or visions.

On this trip, if, say, Pierre Omidyar goes, he goes as a bright, idealistic, fallible guy with open eyes, and as a peer, not to be hit upon for money, nor given more or less respect for the wealth, but as a man on a quest, one among many. No one bows to anyone.

Anyway, Tracy, that is pretty much what I learn from your life as you have lived it. The point is not to make anyone feel small for lack of funds, or feel overly big for their financial wherewithal, but to meet as human beings in a perilous place for our planet, where none of us will get out of this alive, and the future for all our heirs is in jeopardy. No one, not Omidyar, not Gates, can buy themselves another planet. We had better take care of the one we have.

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