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February 16, 2007



Thanks, Jane, what a wonderful post. You have given us so much to reflect upon and discuss. Thank you!

Ted Ernst

Thanks, Jane. peace, ted

Dan Bassill

I look forward to adding this book to my library of resources. I just finished reading the "How to change the world" book that talks about the growth of Ashoka. Before that I read the Spider and the Starfish.

These books provide great inspiration, but what's needed are efforts that bring people together in networks of purpose where they applie these ideas on an on-going basis. The Tutor/Mentor Connection is such a network, and our next conference on May 17 and 18 in Chicago, is a place where people interested in helping kids in poverty connect with adults who help them stay in school, graduate and move to careers can connect. The conference web site is and we hope we can draw more of the donor network into this interaction.


OK, agreed, duly noted, Dan. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. "Enough about you already, what about me?"


Thanks so much Jane. Now that you have entered the this blogspace with this post, I hope you will come back and converse with us. Some of us really would like to attempt to convene a much larger conversation around the them of "The World We Want". We would want to follow you and Peter as the instigators of the conversation, or give us permission to use your theme.

And by all means encourage your publisher to be free with the bits. I'd be willing to bet that making a published work available free on-line enhances the sales of the printed versions. Some publishers may already have numbers on this effect. I already have my copy, and hope I can meet the authors someday and perhaps get it autographed.

Thanks again, for this post and for the book.


Jane, you might want to clarify, too, for your own sakes, the capacity in which you are blogging. Are you speaking for the publisher, Peter, or just for yourself as a private citizen? I imagine a lot is in flux and some of it may not be stuff you can talk about without proper authorization from the author/authorities. But you may also have personal views, and those would be of interest in themselves. When you feel the tension between those roles, citizen, employee, author/authority - welcome, then, to the club.

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